Make Sure Waste Flows Where It Should

We do sewer replacement services in Rantoul & Champaign, IL

A smooth-running sewer system is absolutely vital to your home or business. A variety of nightmare scenarios can occur from a major clog or failure, such as standing basement water or waste backup into your sinks and tubs. Trust a local plumber with years of experience to ensure your sewer installation is done well.

Bodie Cargo Plumbing & Excavating is a preferred company in Rantoul & Champaign, IL for sewer replacement and installation. We have over 20 years of sewer installation and replacement experience, and we use only the highest quality products to perform top-notch work. We offer free estimates and consultations for both residential and commercial clients.

Protect your home from nasty water disasters with expert sewer replacement and installation services. Call 217-202-8272 today for a free consultation.

Hire us for sewer installation services in Rantoul & Champaign, IL

Hire us for sewer installation services in Rantoul & Champaign, IL

Sewer clogs can occur for a number of reasons outside of your control, but we love to share tips with our clients to help them keep their pipes running without interruptions. After a sewer installation is performed, common reasons for clogs include:

  • Pouring grease down the drain
  • Using toilets to flush inappropriate items
  • Using your garbage disposal incorrectly

In our two decades of sewer installation and replacement work, these are some of the most common issues we've encountered. We care about our clients and do all we can to inform them of potential problems.

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